Chimney Roof Leak

Problem: Leaking through the roofing system around the chimney area of the roof.

Solution: Re-flash the chimney to roof transition.  The flashing is improper or failing, causing water to penetrate into the roofing system.

Remove the existing roofing around the base of the chimney, replace damaged wood decking, install ice and water shield underlayment, apply shingles and aluminum step flashing, apply new custom aluminum counter-flashing cut into the brick of the chimney.

Chimney Shingle Damage

As in this photo, chimney flashing failure will lead to damage to the roof decking and to the interior finishes, resulting in a more expensive repair if not addressed at the first sign.

Note: Penetrations in the roofing system are where most, if not all, leaks occur.  It is recommended to have these penetrations inspected to prevent leaking.  (Chimney, pipes, vents, wall flashing’s, antenna or dish mounts, etc…)