General Home Inspection Points

Roof – check for leaking, curling shingles, granule loss, loose flashing’s, and missing shingles.
Siding- check for exposed wood, peeling paint, missing siding, damaged siding, and foundation cracks.
Eave troughs – check for leaking, clogs in water flow, loose or missing gutter guards, and damaged eaves & down spouts.
Doors & Windows- check for failed weatherstripping, drafts, improper operating hardware, fogged glass, damaged screens, or any other damaged components.
Kitchen & Bathrooms – check for leaking plumbing, dripping water fixtures, proper & functioning GFCI receptacles, and proper functioning appliances.
Heating & cooling systems – change filters per manufacturer’s recommendations, check that the humidifier, if applicable, is properly functioning (change filter as required), and check for gas and freon leaks.
Inspect – light fixtures, receptacles (outlets), flooring-tripping-hazards, stairway handrails, and functioning carbon monoxide & smoke detectors. We recommend basement radon testing, especially if there is active living space.