Super Therm™ insulation coating

Super Therm™ is an energy efficient product and is the most highly advanced insulation coating system available today. No other product can claim a 99.5% heat block. It’s properties will perform under the harshest of conditions saving you valuable time and money thanks to a greatly reduced need for roof repair and/or replacement. The product literally extends of the life of roofs and structures.

Super Therm™ is a water-based coating (like paint), developed in conjunction with ceramic engineers from Marshall Space Center (NASA). Heavily tested, the product contains proprietary ceramics, resins, and a urethane that counteract the four methods of heat transfer: radiation; conduction; convection; and infrared.Super Therm™ is a true performance coating with insulating properties and has the resistance equivalent to 8 inches of fiberglass (R-19). 

The ceramics provide insulating effectiveness through uniformity, the resins provide flexibility, durability, and heat-resistance, and the urethane acts as a moisture barrier (along with being UV-resistant). This combination results in a coating that can reflect heat and fire, and withstand the elements for a number of decades.

There is no limit to the application possibilities for Super Therm™. It can be used on metal roof structures such as warehouses, mobile homes, livestock barns, and grain bins; oil tanks; refrigeration units etc. Super Therm™ can help reduce ambient temperature by as much as 40 degrees. This translates into reduced heating and cooling needs, reduced loss of animal and plant life, greater protection for storage contents, and increased life expectancy for the structure itself.